Monday, March 18, 2013

What is my Archetype?

How many years have you been attempting and failed to figure out who the heck you really are?  Although we adapt and change throughout of life, we have  basic 'Archetypes' that define our true nature.

So what is an Archetype you ask? Great question.  An archetype is the key to your personal power. Best selling author Caroline Myss, has done it again with her latest book  "Archetypes, who are you?". It is a perfect introduction into the world of discovering the 'real you'. As Caroline so beautifully stated: "Archetypes are are the psychic lenses through which we view ourselves and the world around us." I have discussed in my past blogs about the masks that we so carefully wear everyday, and this book allows you to reveal your 3 basic archetypes, and the role they play in your daily life. What I have discovered, is that when you live from a place of authenticity, the stress of believing that we must portray ourselves to be someone other than who we really are, begins to vanish. Your inner power can now reveal itself, not from a place of ego, but from an strength that has been waiting to emerge.

Did you realize that you have been reading archetypes your whole life, but it was probably disguised as labeling or judging someone? One issue that keeps reappearing over and over with my clients, is how they are 'wiped out' after talking to someone, be it a friend, family member, or at work.
 I have taught my clients to be aware of the 'Energy Vampire' archetype around them. These individuals will
suck the energy right out of you, if you aren't careful. The Vampires always feels so much better after
they have extracted every ounce of energy they can, with their invisible but powerful fangs. You, on the other hand, are barely able to function after the encounter. One of my main archetypes is Caregiver, so energy vampires are drawn to me like a dog to a bone. Awareness and protection is the key.

Before my knowledge of archetypes, I  would notice that after a conversation with a vampire ( AKA someone in need of advice) I would feel like I had been sucker punched. What just happened? I went into Starbucks feeling great and full of energy, and came out like a zombie. No amount of caffeine could help me at that point, except maybe an I.V. directly inserted in my arm! If I had understood about archetypes back then, I can guarantee my health would have been much better. My cells were tuning in to my energy, and they were drained. How could they possibly do their job, when I was battering them with barrage of negativity that I had taken on from others.

Years ago, I learned about Archetypes from a colleague and good friend Meryl Martin.
Meryl is an Intuitive Medical Counselor and a graduate of the Institute of Scientific Medical Intuition, taught by Caroline Myss and Dr. Norm Shealy. M.D.

From that point on, I became more aware of reading the different archetypes in not only clients, but in my own family as well. Understanding archetypes will influence your interactions with others, your love life, your financial spending habits, as well as the patterns that keep repeating themselves.

I am a BIG believer that knowledge is power. After recognizing your basic archetypal patterns, you can take back the reigns of your life and control the direction you want to go, instead of allowing others to lead you.

I will be giving a seminar on Archetypes and dating in the near future, and blogging about the skits that the participants will be performing. This should be FUN.

In the meantime, check out your archetype for free at: and let me know what three main ones show up for you.

As always, until next time...

Linda McCarthy Ph.D

Monday, March 4, 2013

Another Transition, are you kidding me?

I am back, and recovered from 'bloggers block'. I have been going through some personal
transitions, and needed to take a break from writing. I found myself doing more speaking than writing,
which I guess served me for a few months. Both the spoken word and written word are very powerful
in helping one experience transitions in their life.

The real work comes in how we show up during these transitions. Do we hide our head under
the covers and peek out to see if anyone is looking, or do we immerse ourselves in so much
busy activity, that we haven't allowed ourselves to experience the feelings of our ' New Normal'?

I work with many clients experiencing major life transitions. They are looking for guidance on how to navigate the choppy waters. I guess you could say I am their compass, providing them with options depending on the direction they want to go. Their work, is to take the first step.

What I have been noticing lately is that so many people are afraid to reveal who they really are. The changes in their life have triggered old patterns of fear, and insecurity. Releasing the past, whether it be a relationship,
a job, or just taking off the masks that we have worn way too long, can be a very scary place.
The coping mechanisms are usually one of two choices. Either revert back to the old patterns, which is
is a very safe place to fall, or completely immerse ourselves in new activities, relationships, not allowing
for that period of transition. What if we end up exposing our insecurities, and others realize that what appeared to be 'perfect' was nothing more than an illusion? Perfection is exhausting, and unattainable. Let it go!

I like to think of major transitional periods ( which according to research, happens approximately every seven years) as a time to begin anew. With challenges also come new opportunities to grow and spread
our wings. Who wants to live a live a mediocre life? Not me! I may have been uncomfortable with the changes when they first appeared at my doorstep,  but I have rediscovered a strength that I had long forgotten. I had become complacent, allowing life to run on auto pilot. Now I am back in control, and it feels amazing. I am fully awake, an no longer sleep walking through my personal life.

Letting go of the dreams that we had years ago, can be either painful or freeing. Those dreams of the past no longer serve me, and my aspirations are different now. That's the great thing about dreams, you aren't
bound to them, unless you choose to be. You can tweak them, change them, but NEVER GIVE UP
on your dreams. Don't allow anyone to take that away from you. Know that you deserve to dream, and whether its big or small, it's yours and yours alone.

So step forward, show the world the REAL you, flaws and all. That's what makes us all so unique and
wonderful. We don't have to be perfect thank goodness. Know that you are perfect just the way you are, and that has to be good enough. Otherwise, you are continually arguing with reality, and reality always wins! So what's your New Normal?
Until, next time...