Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Energy of our Heart

Does your body have two brains?

When we truly listen to our body, is it the brain in our head that we are obeying,
or our “other brain”?

In the 1970’s to the amazement of scientist , they discovered that the heart generated more than 60 times the electromagnetic energy that the brain did, making it THE most powerful organ in the body. What they found was that if the connection between the brain and the heart was severed, the heart would continue to beat, since it has its own complex electrical system and brain. Using a magmoneter (an instrument to measure the strength of a magnetic field), the magnetic field of the heart is 5000 times greater in strength than the field of the brain, thus our heart energy can be felt a number of feet away from our body.  Remember, when we were in utero, our heart was one the first organ developed.

When you are sending out an feeling of ‘e-motion’ (energy in motion) to another, you are sending out a strong electromagnetic signal, using the brain in your heart and not your head.
Others will feel it, even if they don't understand where that feeling is coming from. So send out love,
gratitude, and joy whenever possible, for it will come back to you, it always does.

(Source: Proceedings of the Brain-Mind Applied Neurophysiology EEG Neurofeedback Meeting. Key West, Florida, 1996.)