Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Do You Change With The Seasons?

Autumn is upon us, and the year is beginning to wind down. Seems like it was just
2012 and now here we are, in the twilight of the year already. 

In looking back over the last 9 months, (the gestational period for a baby) how have you changed?
Did you change your career, your appearance, your relationship, or your beliefs? Or have you basically
stayed the same. 

I believe change is good. So many of us get stuck in our daily routines, our jobs, our relationships,
even our workout routine if you have one, and for whatever reason, don't feel compelled to try
anything new. Is it because you lack the energy to try something else, you don't want to 
invest the time, are you afraid of change, or perhaps you don't feel that you are worthy. 

I know, I know, I am going to hear about that one, after all, who isn't worthy of change? But 
surprisingly, many of my clients after carefully reading their journals and deciphering notes,
discover that they  subconsciously believed that they were somehow undeserving in making
positive changes in their life. If anything, they  felt compelled to stay in a situation that
they have long outgrown because, even though it made them unhappy, it was familiar. Yes, familiar.
Like the woman who stays in an abusive relationship because she is more fearful of walking out
the door to the unknown, we too fear change of the unknown, even if it could result in 
improving the quality of our lives. Failure is a BIG fear for many of us, but here is the beauty in that.
We never fail. We are here to learn, to re-evaluate, try new strategies, and just the act of
stepping outside the box makes you a winner. I have yet to find one person who has said to me:
" I am perfectly content in my life and wouldn't make one single change". Now that isn't to say
that you aren't happy with your life, you may very well be, and a  BIG shout out to you, but
what I am saying is that most people would like to improve at least one area in their life. It could
be your health, finances, personal relationship with others, or even with yourself, your
career, and the list goes on. The first step is always the most challenging but the act of just taking it
is extremely empowering.

If there is something you would like to change, what's holding you back? Really reflect on that before
you answer. You might even want to consider writing it down on paper, and I think you will be surprised
at what shows up. Writing it down instead of typing it on a computer, is far more powerful because
you are exchanging the energy from your emotions and transferring it to the paper. When you type
on a computer, the emotions aren't translated as well since we have a tendency to over think
when we type. We backspace, use auto correct, and it is very easy to just delete the whole darn
thing. Not so with writing. 

 Seasons change and I always learn so much from mother nature. She transforms herself every 3 months to renew in the spring, rejoice in the summer, refresh in the fall, and  retreat in the winter. So as this
Autumn falls upon us ( no pun intended), let us take a look at refreshing our lives. Here's to change! 

I will leave you with a beautiful verse from Best Selling Author, Mystic, and speaker Caroline Myss.

In gratitude and joy~always.....

 It’s easier, quite frankly, to play dumb, to say, “I don’t understand.” But in your soul, you do get it. You know you are a force for change in this world. That’s why no one can stand to think about him or herself as insignificant. You’re not. You are incredibly significant.
Every choice you make matters. Every thought has a consequence as well. Everything matters. Live in that truth.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Enough Already!

Why is it that we feel compelled in our society to go at warp speed, and exhaust ourselves to prove our worth?
I have noticed this for a while now, people keeping themselves busy, and I am not talking about
being productive, but rather giving the illusion of doing something, never completing anything fully,
 all the while complaining about how busy they are. Why is it that they can't stop long enough to
take a good hard look at their lives? Is it because they are afraid of what they will see in the reflection?

I know of a number of people who keep themselves so pre-occupied with 'stuff' almost to the point of not being able to function over the weekend. Are they are running away from
who they are, unable to face the truth, whatever that might be. What are we so afraid of?

We look outside ourselves for validation, and have been taught that way. We are never good enough,
smart enough, attractive enough, have enough money, ENOUGH ALREADY! The truth is, we are
enough, and we don't need anyone other than ourselves to realize that. It is time to remember who we are and our contribution to life.
Isn't it exhausting trying to be all things to everyone else, leaving nothing left for you?

I know because I was one of those people. Always busy, never taking the time to live in the moment,
there were too many things to do, places to go, obligations to meet. I thought of myself as a martyr,
not consciously of course, but martyr just the same. It wasn't until I began getting sick, and I mean
really sick, where I had nothing but time on my hands that I began to listen to my emotions and thoughts. I could do nothing else but lay in bed and 'FEEL' what was happening to me, and it was a profound moment for me. The illness was a gift, not a burden.. I had been attempting to prove my worth by making myself available to everyone except the most important
person and that was me. I was running away from who I was, because at the time I didn't believe I
was good enough and I had something to prove. But every time I ran in a different direction, I was
still there looking back at myself asking the same question over and over:" Why do I keep doing
this? What was I so afraid of?" Rejection, condemnation, criticism?

The realization that I was enough, was a big AH-HA moment for me. When I learned to say "No",
without an explanation of why, just no, and not worrying about what others would think of me, it
was like a huge bolder was lifted off my shoulders. Whatever the situation,  the task
 would be completed by someone else. It took a while, but I was beginning to see myself in a
different light. I was learning to validate who I was, and my self worth as a person, not an employee,
a wife, a mother, a friend, volunteer, a sister or daughter. Just me, and that was enough.

I now take time to read, play, working outside in the yard, run with
my dog, or ride my bike, and it's just for me. My life is joyous, my heart is happy, and most of all
I am a happier person. No more guilt, which is a wasted emotion once you have learned the lesson.

You are enough, never forget that. Embrace who you are, because you are a gift to this world,
and I am glad you are here.

Take Off Your Mask

Do you know what I mean when I say " Take off your Mask?" You see, we all wear them.
 Everyday we head out the door to face the world, attempting to live up to the expectations of everyone else except our own. We have done this all  our lives. We conformed to become the people our parents thought we should be, our teachers, our peers, partners, and employers, just to fit in. But somehow in the process of 'becoming' all things to everyone else, we abandoned our sense of self. We have either forgotten who we really are, or we are so afraid of reveling ourselves, that we stay hidden behind these masks. If you look in the mirror, do you even recognize yourself anymore?

This is not only emotionally exhausting, but it can also be a causation for illness. I have seen it many times in my practice, when a client comes in with several masks on, pretending  to be someone that they are not. They have surrounded themselves with cars, a home, clothes, jewelry, money, lucrative career but are still unhappy because the one thing that they are missing and can't buy is their identity or sense of self. They feel sick, tired, haven't been happy in years. Something is wrong, they just can't pinpoint it. They are missing who they really are, flaws and all.

Fear of being authentic is huge in my business. People fear being authentic for many reasons,
 but the most common response is because no one would like the 'real' me.
 This is what I hear most often. When I ask them
who the 'real me' is, they have to stop and think because they aren't even sure anymore.
 Recognize that you are fearful, but honor who you are by slowly beginning to shed
 your mask and allow your true self to shine through. It is liberating, and powerful.
 Unfortunately, this means others may not like you now. If that's the
case, then it's time to move on, and gravitate towards those who do. I can't emphasis this
enough, so it bears repeating.  Honor who you are, because if you don't, no one else

I have someone close to me who doesn't like the way she looks, so she turns off the lights when getting
dressed, and never looks in a full length mirror. That way, if she hides from herself,
 no one else will see her either.  Nasty comments about her appearance
 have been made, and she laughs about it, insisting that is is all in fun,
but I know she is hurt by this. Her mask is the jovial
person who doesn't care. The reality is, she is in pain and it shows physically in
the illnesses that she deals with on a daily basis and the medications she takes.
 You see wherever you go, there you are. You can run, but you cannot hide.
So why not embrace the person that you are now, not the person
 that others want you to be, or the person you were in the past, but the person you are now.
 Open your eyes,  look in the mirror and smile. Begin a new relationship the reflection
 that is looking back at you. I can promise you, your spirit will be much happier!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Energy of our Heart

Does your body have two brains?

When we truly listen to our body, is it the brain in our head that we are obeying,
or our “other brain”?

In the 1970’s to the amazement of scientist , they discovered that the heart generated more than 60 times the electromagnetic energy that the brain did, making it THE most powerful organ in the body. What they found was that if the connection between the brain and the heart was severed, the heart would continue to beat, since it has its own complex electrical system and brain. Using a magmoneter (an instrument to measure the strength of a magnetic field), the magnetic field of the heart is 5000 times greater in strength than the field of the brain, thus our heart energy can be felt a number of feet away from our body.  Remember, when we were in utero, our heart was one the first organ developed.

When you are sending out an feeling of ‘e-motion’ (energy in motion) to another, you are sending out a strong electromagnetic signal, using the brain in your heart and not your head.
Others will feel it, even if they don't understand where that feeling is coming from. So send out love,
gratitude, and joy whenever possible, for it will come back to you, it always does.

(Source: Proceedings of the Brain-Mind Applied Neurophysiology EEG Neurofeedback Meeting. Key West, Florida, 1996.)

Monday, June 18, 2012

Dis-ease In Your Body~

Do you know that less than 10% of all cancers in our body are hereditary. The other 90% are environmental,
meaning that it is caused by what you eat, drink, and think! When our bodies are not feed properly, and by that I mean feeding it physically, emotionally, and spiritually, it begins to form an inflammatory response. Inflammation is a necessary response if you have a cut and your body begins the healing process, however, chronic inflammation in our body causes a weakened immune system. When our immune system is weakened, dis-ease shows up in the body.

The easiest way reduce inflammation is by changing your diet by eating more organic greens, fruits, and vegetables, as well as unprocessed food. If it has a shelf life, it is not good for your body because it has preservatives keeping it fresh. I'm not taking about going vegan or vegetarian, unless of course you choose to, but to implement these foods into your diet replacing foods that are harmful. The" Toxic 10" are fruits and vegetables with the highest amount of pesticide which include: Apples, strawberries, celery, peaches, spinach, nectarines, grapes, sweet bell peppers, potatoes, blueberries, lettuce, kale/collard greens. These should always be organic if possible. If not, purchase a fruit/vegetable wash, soaking them to remove as much residue as you can.

The next step is taking time out for meditation/yoga, exercise for your mind and body. We are built to move, not to go from our car to our desk, back to our car, and our couch. If this is your lifestyle, all those calories you are ingesting have no where to go, except to your waist and hips. We have an obesity epidemic in our country, and illness is a component of obesity in the form of high blood pressure, diabetes ,heart disease, high cholesterol,  joint issues and pain, etc. Begin by simply walking. I find that for my clients the most difficult part of walking is getting their shoes on and heading out the door! Once they are out in the fresh air, their mood begins to shift, they feel better, and when you take care of your body, your body will take care of you. It is designed to live in a state of health, not dis-ease. Exercise boost your immune system, you lose weight, your sleep improves, and your overall health improves.

Pay attention to all the negative thoughts that you are having. We spend about 70% of our thoughts focusing on all the negativity in our life. Toxic emotions cause inflammation in our bodies as well. I like to write in my gratitude journal. At night, I jot down all the things that I am grateful for that day instead of focusing on all the negativity.
Last but not least, spiritually feeding our bodies. That is the final piece to the puzzle, but one that is just as important. We are spiritual beings encased in a human body. When I speak of spiritual, I am not talking about religion, I mean finding a connection to a divine source, whatever that may be. This could be incorporated into your meditation practice if you so choose, but if meditation is not your cup of tea, then just sitting quietly, freeing your mind of anything for a few minutes and just listening. I like to say ' prayer is talking to God  and and meditation is listening'. Don't be discouraged when thoughts come into your mind, just allow them to  come, and return back to listening. Do this for 5 minutes and incorporate deep, healing breaths into your practice, your cells with thank you.

When we begin to live in a state of heath, and away from dis-ease, our bodies will respond quickly. You will feel better physically, emotionally and spiritually. For more information on keeping your body healthy, check out our #1 best selling book: "The Wellness Code", at www.newdirectioncoaching.com.
To your good health~

Monday, May 21, 2012

Perception and your Biology

So many people today are lead to believe that they are 'victims' of their heredity. If they have a family history, then they are doomed to get 'it' too, whatever 'it' is. I too had that belief for many years, until I finally educated myself on the facts. You see, knowledge is power, but lack of knowledge, is also a lack of power. My dad died of heart disease around the age of 50. Anytime anyone in your family dies before the age of 50, I quickly discovered that a big red flag appears on your chart (metaphorically) to indicate that you have a family history. I was doomed. It was in my family history, and there was nothing I could do about it.
For years, I was worried that I would inherit the heart issues that tragically took my dad life. It wasn't until I was older, and realized that perhaps my environment had more to do with my health than my heredity.

You see my dad had a very hectic life, working two jobs to support our blended family, smoked heavily, was overweight and led a sedentary lifestyle as a truck driver. I was quite young when he died, and was told that he died of a heart attack, although no autopsy was ever performed. It was assumed that was the cause of death, and ruled as such. That stayed with me throughout my adult life. You see, from the ages of 0-6 years old, children are in an theta state (mildly hypnotic) thus with no history to draw upon, we rely on those around us to fill our heads with their interpretation of life (good or bad).

Around the age of 30 I began to have what I thought was heart problems. I would have palpitations that would arise from nowhere, my left side would become numb, my left shoulder would ache, and I would feel weak. I was sure that this disease was now presenting itself in my body just as it had in my dad's. I was a victim of my heredity. In retrospect, these occurrences happened during very stressful times.

This went on for a number of years, and each time I was told my heart was fine but I was suffering from
anxiety. I was given a drug and sent home. I passed the stress test with flying colors, in fact it felt good to be on the treadmill. You see,  I am a runner, very athletic and eat  healthy foods, but the one thing I was not taking into account was my beliefs. My subconscious was methodically sending my body messages that I had a heart issue (the diagnosis I was given when I was young by doctors). So of course, my body would respond accordingly.
It wasn't until I began my studies as a Metaphysican that I realized my thoughts or my perception might be the instigator of my acute intense anxiety disorder ( as it was noted on my chart -yes I peeked).

When I began researching the biology of perception, I realized that our perceptions are our beliefs, and our beliefs select our gene and behavior.According to Dr. Bruce Lipton, a cellular biologist, less than 10% of all diseases are inherited, the other 90% are environmental, meaning created by the emotional, physical, and spiritual arena in which we reside.

Stanford University wrote an article about cancer stating that less than 10% of breast and colon cancers are inherited. The rest are due to acquired mutations, meaning they occurred after birth, or due to their environment, as well as lifestyle behaviors. http://cancer.stanford.edu/information/geneticsAndCancer/

The most important point is this: No matter the dis-ease that you are dealing with, in most cases, the
disorder can be linked to the environment and not inheritance. For me, when I realized that my thoughts, feelings, and emotions were contributing to my anxiety disorder, and it was not a genetic heart problem, I began to incorporate behaviors that would work with my body instead of just 'drugging' it.

Illness does occur, sometimes it appears out of nowhere, and we have to dig deep and truly be honest
with ourselves to see if we somehow contributed to it. Many times we go non-stop until our bodies can no longer sustain that lifestyle, and we become ill.  We live in a society in which vacations are rarely taken, lunch is fast food at our desk, sleeping 4 or 5 hours a night at best. When we do have down time, it is running errands, eating too much, drinking too much, or just laying on the couch recovering, so we can do it all again next week. Look around at the people you know who are suffering from some type of disorder in their body.

If you knew  that whatever dis-ease you are dealing with was not inherited but created through your environment, what would you change?

Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Nocebo Effect

If positive beliefs correspond with the placebo effect, conversely negative beliefs have the ability to trigger a nocebo (Latin translation –I will harm) effect. The nocebo effect is a term to describe an ill effect caused by a suggestion or belief that something is harmful. In 2003, the Discovery Channel aired a program called ‘Placebo, Mind over Medicine’. One segment featured Dr. Clifton Meador, a physician who had been haunted by the nocebo effect for twenty nine years. Dr. Meador informed his patient who suffered from esophageal cancer that the prognosis was grim, as this disease had a 100% mortality rate. Upon the patient’s demise shortly after the diagnosis, an autopsy revealed that there was actually very little cancer in his body, and definitely not enough to cause death. He died with cancer, but not from cancer. Dr. Meador began to question if he had not given the patient that terminal prognosis, would he still be alive? Was it the implication of inevitable death the basis for his demise, since clearly the cancer was not the causation?  Our biology adapts to our beliefs and that is the source to understanding the powerful influence of our mind and creation. We can choose to live in fear or in love. One allows our cells to be more susceptible to disease, and the other to wellbeing. The proverbial glass half full or half empty theory is not just an aphorism; it is the recipe to a healthy productive life. 
Thoughts are translated into chemistry, chemistry is translated into biology. Be gentle with yourself, and your body will thank you with good health.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U1qd_yfMbjU
 Read an excerpt from the best selling book  I co-wrote about the nocebo effect called "The Wellness Code"~