Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Do You Change With The Seasons?

Autumn is upon us, and the year is beginning to wind down. Seems like it was just
2012 and now here we are, in the twilight of the year already. 

In looking back over the last 9 months, (the gestational period for a baby) how have you changed?
Did you change your career, your appearance, your relationship, or your beliefs? Or have you basically
stayed the same. 

I believe change is good. So many of us get stuck in our daily routines, our jobs, our relationships,
even our workout routine if you have one, and for whatever reason, don't feel compelled to try
anything new. Is it because you lack the energy to try something else, you don't want to 
invest the time, are you afraid of change, or perhaps you don't feel that you are worthy. 

I know, I know, I am going to hear about that one, after all, who isn't worthy of change? But 
surprisingly, many of my clients after carefully reading their journals and deciphering notes,
discover that they  subconsciously believed that they were somehow undeserving in making
positive changes in their life. If anything, they  felt compelled to stay in a situation that
they have long outgrown because, even though it made them unhappy, it was familiar. Yes, familiar.
Like the woman who stays in an abusive relationship because she is more fearful of walking out
the door to the unknown, we too fear change of the unknown, even if it could result in 
improving the quality of our lives. Failure is a BIG fear for many of us, but here is the beauty in that.
We never fail. We are here to learn, to re-evaluate, try new strategies, and just the act of
stepping outside the box makes you a winner. I have yet to find one person who has said to me:
" I am perfectly content in my life and wouldn't make one single change". Now that isn't to say
that you aren't happy with your life, you may very well be, and a  BIG shout out to you, but
what I am saying is that most people would like to improve at least one area in their life. It could
be your health, finances, personal relationship with others, or even with yourself, your
career, and the list goes on. The first step is always the most challenging but the act of just taking it
is extremely empowering.

If there is something you would like to change, what's holding you back? Really reflect on that before
you answer. You might even want to consider writing it down on paper, and I think you will be surprised
at what shows up. Writing it down instead of typing it on a computer, is far more powerful because
you are exchanging the energy from your emotions and transferring it to the paper. When you type
on a computer, the emotions aren't translated as well since we have a tendency to over think
when we type. We backspace, use auto correct, and it is very easy to just delete the whole darn
thing. Not so with writing. 

 Seasons change and I always learn so much from mother nature. She transforms herself every 3 months to renew in the spring, rejoice in the summer, refresh in the fall, and  retreat in the winter. So as this
Autumn falls upon us ( no pun intended), let us take a look at refreshing our lives. Here's to change! 

I will leave you with a beautiful verse from Best Selling Author, Mystic, and speaker Caroline Myss.

In gratitude and joy~always.....

 It’s easier, quite frankly, to play dumb, to say, “I don’t understand.” But in your soul, you do get it. You know you are a force for change in this world. That’s why no one can stand to think about him or herself as insignificant. You’re not. You are incredibly significant.
Every choice you make matters. Every thought has a consequence as well. Everything matters. Live in that truth.